5-HTP Supplement 200mg Time Release with Vitamin B6 Non GMO, 5 HTP Naturally Helps Increase Appetite Control, Improve Your Overall Mood, Relaxation and Restful Sleep, 30 Servings Vegan Capsules

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  • SLEEPY NO MORE - Feeling groggy after being up whole night twisting and turning? You can't concentrate because your brain is sleepy and foggy? 5-HTP is the building block of serotonin, the "feel good" neurotransmitter that regulates our moods & sleep cycles. The Lifes Secret Advanced 5-HTP formula contains 200mg of 5-HTP with Vitamin B6 which assists the conversion of 5-HTP to serotonin. If you are burning the midnight oil, 5-HTP might just be the solution for you.
  • STRESS NO MORE - Ugh! That feeling, you know which one. The one where you feel low and have a hard time snapping out of it. It might just be a lack of the essential neurotransmitter serotonin that regulates our mood. A study showed that people who took 5-HTP went to sleep quicker and slept more deeply than those who took a placebo. The Lifes Secret 5-HTP dietary supplement helps raise serotonin levels in the brain. 5-HTP has a positive effect on sleep, mood, anxiety, appetite, & pain sensation.
  • CRAVINGS NO MORE - Studies show that 5-HTP can help people lose weight. In one study, those who took 5-HTP ate fewer calories, although they were not trying to diet, compared to those who took placebo. It is believed that 5-HTP led people to feel more satiated after eating, so they ate less. You can't get 5-HTP from food. The amino acid tryptophan, which the body uses to make 5-HTP, can be found in turkey, chicken, milk, potatoes, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, turnip and collard greens, and seaweed.
  • PAIN NO MORE - Research suggests that 5-HTP can improve symptoms of fibromyalgia, including pain, anxiety, morning stiffness, and fatigue. Many people with fibromyalgia have low levels of serotonin, and doctors often prescribe antidepressants. Like antidepressants, 5-HTP raises levels of serotonin in the brain. However, it does not work for all people with fibromyalgia. Check with your health care provider whether 5-HTP is for you.
  • ALL NATURAL AND VEGAN FRIENDLY - 5-HTP is a plant derived source of amino acids that help naturally increase the level of Serotonin in your body. Our 5-HTP does Not Contain: Yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, sugar, salt, colors or preservatives. 5-HTP is drug free and non-habit forming. Our time release 5-HTP capsules offer a controlled delivery of 5-HTP steadily so you have it when you need it.

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