ASAPTM Silver Solution 8 oz

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  • Safe for everyday use, ASAP Silver Solution helps boost your immune system and protect you and your loved ones from harmful pathogens and microbes. Silver Sol's patented technology processes silver molecules into nano particles that are easily dispersed and kept suspended in purified water - this is the key to their gentle effectiveness.
  • Nano-sized particles of silver - ASAP Silver Sol has 10 parts per million (ppm) with an efficiency rate of neutralizing microbes of over 99 percent.
  • Concentration - Colloidal silver has concentrations of 300 to 30,000 ppm with efficiency rate between 15 and 65 percent.
  • Catalytic action - ASAP Silver Sol's particles seek out the pathogens. Once found, they attach to the pathogens' cell walls, which eventually leaves holes in the membranes, subsequently killing the pathogens.
  • Approved by the EPA

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Metallic silver has been used for centuries as a natural antibacterial agent for wound care, and even water treatment.

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