Maximum Strength Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete 240 capsuls


  • Convenient 240 count value package (new name added' Barefoot")
  • Calcium to Magnesium Ratio of 2:1
  • 100 % Premium Grade Marine Coral from Okinawa Japan
  • Over 90 Essential and Trace Elements
  • 80-100% Absorption Rate

Product Details

Product Description

Original Coral Calcium Complete is nature's multi-vitamin and mineral source featuring a premium grade coral calcium from Okinawa, Japan that is readily absorbed and utilized by the body. All components in Original Coral Calcium Complete have been processed by living tissue which means they are easily assimiliated when compared to the components of inorganic vitamin supplements. Calcium is involved in almost every biological function. It plays a critical role in nerve transmission, heart function, blood pressure regulation, blood clotting processes, and bone building. It is the calcium ion that is responsible for feeding every cell.

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