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  • BIGGER PUMPS, PERFORMANCE, AND GAINS - Nitric Oxide Helps Expand Blood Vessels For Increased Blood Flow, Which Means More Oxygen Reaches Your Muscles, Lungs, Brain, Heart, & Other Organs Giving You The Best Muscle Pump You've Ever Had!
  • INCREASED SEXUAL FUNCTION SUPPORT - Each Bottle - 2400MG - All Natural Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Formula Helps To Increase Sexual Function & Support Male Fertility. L-Arginine Helps Stimulate The Production Of Nitric Oxide, Thus Increasing Blood Flow To Other Areas - Not Just Your Muscles! Trust Us, The Ladies Will LOVE It!
  • GREAT FOR YOUR HEART - L-Arginine Boosts Nitric Oxide Production Which Results In Increased Blood Flow From The Heart To The Rest Of Your Body Giving You Better Pumps & Increased Energy.
  • BUILDS & MAINTAINS MUSCLE MASS - Ornithine Is Often Combined With Arginine & Marketed To Body Builders as a Muscle Building Supplement. Ornithine Helps Build & Maintain Muscle During Physical Training & Also Helps Promote Muscle Development for Superior Strength. Both Arginine and Ornithine Help To Support and Build Muscle Mass Leading to Increased Strength.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - We Are So Confident That You Will Love MUSCLE UP That We Back It With a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, Hassle-free. Our Formula Is Made in the USA at an FDA Registered Facility.

Product Details

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Why try out Vital Nutrition?

• We take pride in offering the best quality products through our rigorous testing to make sure we perfect our blend so our customers can see peak results. Vital Nutrition is one of the fastest growing sports nutrition companies in the United States. Why? Because all of our products start with science and have a track record of providing results.

What Happens When You Take a Nitric Oxide Supplement?

• When you take a Nitric Oxide supplement like Muscle Up, you'll feel increased hardness in your muscles. This is due to increased blood flow to the areas that need it most because Nitric Oxide helps expand your blood vessels which also results in more oxygen reaching your muscles. The end result? A much stronger 'pump' that you wouldn't normally achieve. Some men report enhanced sexual performance as well, especially men over the age of 40, whose natural testosterone levels have begun to decline & require more energy.

Product Details:

•🔥 Safe, Natural Ingredients Great for the Heart & Muscle Building

•🔥 Increases Stamina, Energy and Strength

•🔥 Helps Improve Blood Flow for a Bigger Pump and Better Workout Performance

•🔥 Extremely Effective Pre and Intra Workout

•🔥 Servings per Container: 30 (90 Caplets)

•🔥 Manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility

•🔥 100% Money Back Guaranteed

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