Premium Extra Strength Vitamin K2 (MK7) Plus D3 Supplement – Supports Healthy Bones & Cardiovascular Health – Small and Easy to Swallow Caps of 180 mcg MenaQ7 & 5000 IU D3 – 3 Pack 180 Day Supply

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  • THE SURPRISING HEART HEALTH & BONE CONNECTION! MenaQ7 K2 + D3 inhibits calcium deposits in arteries. And it sends calcium direct to bones. Taking calcium supplements WITHOUT K2 & D3 adds to the problem. Ask any health expert - calcium needs K2 & D3 to be absorbed. Just one small, easy to swallow pill from Evolved Organics is your heart supplement and bone vitamin in one!
  • DON'T MAKE THIS K2 MISTAKE! You know you need K2 for optimal heart and bone health. But don't make the mistake of taking synthetic vitamin k2 MK4. Our capsules contain NATURE IDENTICAL K2 MK7 needed for successful calcium absorption. Support healthy teeth and brain function, prevent inflammation, promote healthy skin and minimizes wrinkles the way Mother Nature would.
  • MENAQ7 180mcg - THE ONLY K2/MK7 WITH PUBLISHED RESEARCH: MenaQ7 is the only MK7 featured in clinical research. Evolved Organics only works with science, not risky chance. 180mcg MK7 is used in the published groundbreaking 3-year study - and it is exactly what you will find in our advanced K2 + D3 formula. Your heart and bones deserve the best in the world! Order Now.
  • EXCELLENCE IN CLINICAL QUALITY: Our small caps do NOT contain reactive carrageenan, or magnesium stearate. They are Non-GMO and FDA approved under cGMP. Our formula is the clinically researched 180mcg MK7 and safe high strength 5000IU Vitamin D3. 3rd party tested for potency and purity. No fillers. Consult your healthcare provider if you are on blood thinning or other medication, pregnant, nursing, or have other medical concerns.
  • YOUR HEALTH IS OUR BUSINESS - NO RISK GUARANTEE: Evolved Organics is in the business of global health. Our mission is to create a ripple effect across the planet. And that's why we've chosen clinical strength MenaQ7 for you today. If for some unique reason you are not satisified, contact us immediately for a full refund or replacement. Order Now.

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Clinical Strength K2 MenaQ7 + D3 is finally here! 180mcg nature identical MK7 as seen in published research, and Vitamin D3 5000IU. Ensures optimal calcium uptake for bone and heart health. Order Now.

What Calcium Supplement Users Don't Know...

... And Why K2 Supplement Supporters Are Switching To Evolved Organics MenaQ7 K2 + D3

You already know Vitamin K2 + D3 is critical for hearts and bones by aiding calcium absorption. Calcium deposits block arteries, while calcium deficiency decreases bone density.

But some folks try to fix it with calcium supplements!

And what they don't know is without K2 + D3 they can make things worse. All that calcium backs up. This is the vitamin k2 calcium paradox.

... Then They Go And Make This K2 Mistake

97% of Western Populations are K2 deficient. Yes, even people like you with a healthy diet! But synthetic K2 as MK4, never fully gets on top of the problem.

The nature identical Vitamin K2, is in fact - MK7.

But going one step further, Evolved Organics uses MenaQ7, the patented MK7 featured in ground-breaking research. Now, you can rest easy with your heart and bones are fully supported by Mother Nature, and clinical science.

Meet Your New, Advanced K2 Vitamin Supplement!

  • 180mcg K2, as nature identical MK7.
  • From patented MenaQ7 as seen in groundbreaking 3-year research
  • 5000IU Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
  • 60 small vegan caps - 2 month supply - just 1 a day!
  • No fillers, magnesium stearate, carageenan, Soy, Gluten & GMO-Free
  • Made in the USA, FDA approved cGMP compliant

If for some unique reason you are not satisfied with this advanced formula, contact us immediately for a full refund or replacement. Order Now With Our No Risk Health Guarantee.

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