Super Sea Veg ® with VitaD and SeaCal by Scott Kennedy is FarmaSea Seal Approved

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  • New and Improved
  • With More Vitamin D and Calcium
  • Scott Kennedy and Farmasea's Newest, Premium, Top of the Line Formula
  • 100% Vegetable Multi-Nutritional Supplement
  • 90 capsules = a one month supply at 3 capsules a day

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Product Description

Why Should You Take Super Sea Veg®? Super Sea Veg® is up to 60 times more potent than any land plant salad and contains hundreds of organic plant compounds known as phyto (plant) nutrients. These organic compounds are extremely necessary for proper cell health, but many are missing from our processed food supply. Super Sea Veg® contains a full spectrum of natural (photosynthetic) vitamins, trace minerals, lipids, plant sterols, amino acids, omega 3's and 6's, antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids and much more. It also contains powerful phytonutrients Fucoidan and Laminarin which are not found in land plants. Become Happy and Healthier Today! Order Super Sea Veg® Now!

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